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The Curse of the Devil's Verse

Rob, a typically bloke-ish alpha male lives with aspiring writer Lucy, but their relationship is at breaking point. Believing that work isn’t work without the lifting of heavy objects, he can’t see the merit in making up stories for a living.

After another heavy ‘discussion’ Rob heads for the local to free his mind a little. There he meets a mysterious stranger who thinks he can solve Rob’s sensitivity issues with an ancient spell; the results, however, are not to everyone’s liking. With no recollection of the previous night, Rob wakes up with a nasty headache and a brand new voice.

A lyrical look at male/female communication and the grisly nature of change, the play was first presented by The Television Workshop in Nottingham on 3rd July 2007. From there it travelled to Leeds’ Carriageworks theatre in November and returns home for its final performance on February 1st.

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