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Theatrical Theatrics Productions proudly presents TwinSS, an almost-modern day Comedy of Errors by third year undergraduate Ali Blackwell.

A hilarious spy farce set during the peak of World War Two, this is ‘definitely a show you will be telling all your friends about… a fantastic production’ (Three Weeks **).

George Batenberger is an MI5 taskmaster in charge of a German spy ring. His evil twin Helmet Batenberger is an SS Zuper-Uber-Fuhrer and Hitler’s top assassin. Tracked by Fritz Acchengrubber, a gay Nazi spy with a disarming penchant for pink fishnet stockings, Helmet parachutes into the country on a mission to impersonate his brother and assassinate Winston Churchill, therefore winning the war for Germany. A flatulent Colonel, a pissed-up nun and the original James Bond are some of the other characters in this unpretentious romp.

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