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Emily Medhurst


The New Theatre was a huge and brilliant part of my University life. I was Productions Manager during 2004-2005 and then Social Secretary 2005-2006. I had a lot of fun helping run the theatre and it social scene and also took roles in 8 shows. During my year as Societies Officer on the SU in 2006 -2007, I campaigned for a renovated, better New Theatre in the face of plans to knock the building down. I met many of my best friends at the New Theatre and we all now work as professional producers, directors, writers and actors. I feel like I was part of the theatre at a time of real change; as Facebook and social networking was introduced, the way the theatre community was run altered and became much more inclusive. The NT website was also built. I’m pleased that the committee team I was part of left an award-winning, financially stable and happy theatre for the next group of students coming in and this tradition seems to have continued!

I now work as an actress and voice-over artist and run The Playground Theatre Company along with two fellow New Theatre Alumni.

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English Studies