About This Site

This site is an initiative of the Nottingham New Theatre Alumni Network and aims to piece together the New Theatre’s dynamic and vibrant history.

This is an extremely exciting project for the network, and we are relying on as many people as possible getting involved and contributing to the story – whether you were an actor, a director, a stage-manager or an audience member, we want you to get in touch with your memories from your time at the theatre.

In particular we are looking for: listings of season shows, casts and crew lists, photographs, programmes, flyers, reviews and anything else which could provide an insight into the history of the theatre.

See the contributing section for details on how to help out.


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Special Thanks

Open codebase

The entire codebase used to build this website is available on GitHub. While the project as a whole isn’t particularly helpful for other organizations, rather than building an open source project what we’re doing can be described as coding in the open. That said parts of the project may be of interest or use to others. This repository is a mix of source and content, as such there are two licences that apply.

  • All source files (HTML templates, Sass, CoffeeScript, Ruby, shell scripts) are released under the MIT licence.
  • All content files (HTML files, Markdown, YAML datafiles, images, graphics) are Copyright © The Nottingham New Theatre 2024.