This project relies on help from the alumni community. If you see a show missing information, a committee record a few names short or just have an interesting story to tell you can help out in a number of ways.

Contacting us – best for large contributions

Please email us at if you have something to contribute. In particular we are looking for: listings of season shows, casts and crew lists, photographs, programmes, flyers, reviews and anything else which could provide an insight into the history of the theatre.

Don’t worry if you aren’t quite ready to part with your cherished New Theatre relics just yet – Manuscripts and Special Collections have offered to photograph and document any items sent to them, and then return them safely to you for safe keeping!

Report problems with individual pages – best for small additions

We use an issue tracker to maintain a list of jobs to do. If you spot a misspelled name, a terrible typo or can help us fill in some blanks you can add to this by reporting problems with pages.

Click the Message the Editors button on the right when on the page you want to tell us about and complete a report.

Please keep in mind all reports are public. You can see all reports made using this tool here.

Propose improvements – suitable for all changes

The Improve This Page button appears on pages suitable for direct edits. By clicking on Propose Improvements, you will be taken through to our GitHub page to create a fork of the repository, make your changes to that page, and submit a pull request.

This process is a little bit more involved than the other two, see the Contributors’ Guide for more information, or to learn how to make larger changes, such as to multiple pages or templates.

Upload images – for photographs and other media

See the sending in images page.