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Key Events


Another season of shows allows for more opportunity, and the UNCUT Season—now Fringe—is just that. Providing a platform for experimental, new, or more intimate theatre, this season runs parallel to the In House season. The majority of initial performances were located outside of the Theatre.

Demolition of Archaeology

The New Theatre was, up till this point, housed within the department of Archaeology and Classics. Over the summer, the New Theatre became its own freestanding building—now a popular campus landmark. Among several other rooms the foyer was given a generous extension.

Studios A and B (and more rooms!)

Our small blackbox studios—used as rehearsal rooms, meeting spaces, performance venues, and occasional bar—were created.

The costume cupboard and props corridor were also refurbished, providing some long-needed new space.

Matthew Bannister also launched the Seat Dedication Appeal.

Studio B

More history...