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Emma Rutherford


As someone who had only ever intended to do tech…New Theatre gave me just about every other role I could imagine. After a chance e-mail sent to the members of Flute Group from Yichen Wu, the composer for Fu Baxter’s Clockwork Orange, I volunteered to play the flute in the wings each night. After that, I couldn’t stay away. I played Molly in Female of the Species, Niobe in Love of the Nightingale, stage managed Blithe Spirit and Ghetto, directed a segment of Educating Rita for Freshers Fringe and….somehow ended up being the winner on the first night of Strictly Coming Stars in Your Eyes On Ice after being a backup dancer to my friend Lois singing Bad Romance! I loved every moment of my time with NT, the thrill of callbacks, waiting for casting phone calls that sometimes came and sometimes didn’t, all night get-ins, buying 30 worth of cheap plates to hurl off a ladder, learning how to use my comms, clambering over the box office in heels for an entrance, corpsing on stage, hiring a Schneiser gun and learning how to set it up, Opening Night Saveras, after parties, my first time in Ocean…even the dreaded PPB (Post Play Blues.) I miss it. I miss it all.

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Modern Language Studies BA