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Seat Dedications

In the November of 2013, The New Theatre welcomed Matthew Bannister, Nottingham Alumni and BBC Broadcaster to launch our seat sponsoring appeal. The Seat Naming project was part of a wider Impact Campaign centred around the building, which included the refurbishment of the seating in the main auditorium, the construction of our two studio spaces and a much needed investment in lighting and sound equipment. All these refurbishments and upgrades were funded by the Students’ Union and donations from Alumni.

Matthew Bannister was heavily involved in the campaigning for the seating and staging. His speech at the launch of the appeal on 16th November 2013 marks the beginning of an appeal that allows alumni to sponsor one of the seats in our main auditorium with a personalised plaque. Any money donated through the appeal will be put towards the continuing updating of the Lighting, Sound and Communications equipment within the building. As well as this, funds will also contribute towards sending students from the Theatre up to the Edinburgh Fringe festival each year.

The Stage

A10: Helen Ward (Now McCallum), English 1970-1973 "Four plays a term - how did I get a degree?"   A9   A8: Professor Heinrich Fessler   A7: In memory of Neville Bannister, who enjoyed watching his son perform here.   A6: For Tweetie Pie, Love from Sylvester 1949-1952.   A5: Helen Price (English 1974) & Glyn Price With fond memories.   A4: Richard C Bale Ancient History & Archaeology 1978-1981.   A3: Enjoyed Dramsoc so much, I got a third Audrey Lanclett, English 1967.   A2: Geraldine Slinger & Paul Woodhouse English & American Studies and Law 1978.   A1: Marcus Black Industrial Economics 1992.   A
B10: Lady Susan Greenaway, MA Children's Literature (2000) BA Fine Art (2011)   B9: Sir David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor 2008-2017, Professor of Economics 1987-2017.   B8   B7: For my family, Pauline Casimir-Mrowczynske, Mathematics 1982.   B6: Helen Brady Scott M. Med Sci 1981. MBA 1992.   B5: Angela Lewi, 1963-1966.   B4: Peter Cox Dramsoc 1965, co-founder New Theatre   B3: Patrick McNeill Dramsoc 1965, co-founder New Theatre.   B2: Roger Lancaster Dramsoc 1965, co-founder New Theatre.   B1: Clive Hollick Dramsoc President 1965, co-founder New Theatre.   B
C10: Mike Jones (Pharmacy 1970)   C9: Chris & Fran Toms, 1979 & 1980 Engagement party here 1979.   C8: Geoffrey Dawe, Electrical Engineering 1957 & Joy Dawe (Cook), English 1959.   C7: Matthew Bannister, Dramsoc Third (Law 1978)   C6: Sponsored by Richard Simpson, President, Drama Society 1977-1978.   C5: Paul Colebourne Founder, Nottingham Theatre Group Edinburgh Fringe, 1972-1978.   C4: Teri Harman (Norris) Dramsoc, History 1977.   C3: Michael Mackenzie (Law 1965) Happy memories of Dramsoc which set me on the professional road.   C2: Kevin Buxton 1971-1977 Six years & thirty shows 'Dramsoc Third' (English 1974)   C1: In Memory of Simon Reynolds, Dramsoc 1974-1977.   C
D10   D9   D8: To Mum and Dad, Love you Loads Cecilia Chunping Xu.   D7: M. Ann Richards (Case) English 1964.   D6: Kevin Sullivan, Industrial Economics 1981.   D5: Jayne E Marshall PhD, 2005. Associate Professor (Midwifery) Inspired by my late parents Colin & Mabel.   D4: Tom Dineen, 2011-2014 For all the great memories, Thank You!   D3: For Elizabeth Bennett, whose dad lost his grip on Mathematical Physics in this building, 1995-1998.   D2: Thanks for the magical performances in the annual German play. 'Prof' Hinrich Siefken, 1979-1997.   D1: To inspire the next generation of students Roger Swift, Physics 1989.   D
E10   E9   E8: Janet Tan and Koh Lian Choon, Parents of Edwin Koh (Law 1996).   E7   E6   E5: In memory of Samuel Paul Abbott, 1994-2013. God grant us serenity, courage and wisdom.   E4   E3: To The New Theatre, For all the laughter, love, passion & memories. Ellie Colyer Alasquez (Hispanic Studies 2000).   E2   E1: To our family, Elaine & Haydon Luke, English 1961-1964.   E
F10   F9   F8   F7   F6   F5   F4   F3   F2: "Pass it on" Jacob Hayes History and NNT (2011-2015)   F1: Lysistrata 2013 Nottingham New Theatre & Lakeside Arts Centre.   F
G10: Patrick Grice, New Theatre Manager 1979.   G9   G8   G7   G6   G5   G4   G3: From Ted Childs (Industrial Economics, 1957) in memory of Barry Isted (Economic History, 1957).   G2   G1   G
H8: A gift from my daughter Nicola, Philip Watson (Economics 1965).   H7: In memory of my wife Janet, Philip Watson (Economics 1965).   H6: For I shall not pass this way again. Etienne De Grellet, (1773-1885).   H5: Let me do it now, Let me not defer nor neglect it.   H4: Any good thing that I can do or any kindness I can show.   H3: I expect to pass through this world but once.   H2: Lydia's Philosophy For leading your life.   H1: In memory of my mother Lydia, Philip Watson (Economics 1965).   H
I8   I7   I6   I5: John Figgures, Technical Committee 1964-67.   I4: In memory of my time with Tech Committee David Osborne (1964-1967).   I3   I2   I1: For Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.   I