Site Documentation

The aim of the backend of this site to to strike a balance between making a powerful site and making that site easy to edit and maintain. For the bits that aren’t that easy here’s the documentation!

Technical Summary

The source for this site is kept in a GitHub repository, this keeps a full history of all changes and allows broad collaboration.

Pages, layouts and styling is all kept in plain text. The Jekyll static site generator - which runs on every authorised change from a Travis CI build - then turns the constituent parts of the project into the built site in front of you. The built site is hosted from a separate repository by the GitHub Pages service.

Super Secret Editors’ Mode

If you type the word editor - go on try it - while this site is active you’ll enable a secret editors’ / debuggy mode. Extra (ugly) content will be shown - for example show counts next to years on the archive page. If these items seem a bit cryptic hover over them and hope someone left a tooltip description.

With editors’ mode enabled the ‘Improve this page’ dialogue is bypassed.