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Dangerous Liaisons

by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
Adapted by Christopher Hampton

14–17 March 2001

Laclos’ ‘Les Lisaison Dangerouses’ first published in 1872, was condemned to be destroyed as dangerous as it offered a direct attack to the decadent lifestyle of pre-revolutionary French aristocracy. Described as a ‘work of revolting immorality’ by contempories. The ruthless, satanic protagonists might will be called professional profligates. Pleasure for them is incidental, success is all. Yet we are drawn to them, ‘they are charming monsters; intelligent, urbane, amusin. One cannot help admiring them.’

. Christohper Hampton’s brilliant adaptation… gives a pitiless and searching portrait of the erotic diversions of aristocrats in putrescent pre-revolutionary France.

/- Daily Telegraph

Dangerous Liaisons transforms each member of the audience into a voyeur in turn repelled and entralled by the deceitful dangerous actions of the twin conspirators

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