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Crossing the Rubicon

Devised by Cal Lewis

13–25 August 2008

An original piece that centres around contemporary social issues. ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ serves as a commentary on life in modern-day London, the trials and tribulations one faces, and the inevitable consequences of actions.

The play tells the story of Jack and his sister Lizzie, two relatively ‘normal’ adolescents, who hope for ‘good’ grades which lead to ‘good’ jobs. The attractive and playful Lizzie, is courted by Rufus, a local youth with a criminal background and a less than encouraging future. Feeling the duty to protect his sister and his family name, Jack is forced to defend his sister, bringing him into a world completely different from his own. This new, crooked environment tests the limits of Jack’s mental endurance, facing an inner battle of whether to return to the straight and narrow of his previous life, or go through with the new demands placed on him by his criminal superiors.

An ensemble, devised piece being led by artistic director Simon Thompson (see award-winning ‘Slippery Soapbox’) and produced by NT Treasurer Jackie Lee.

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