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Habeas Corpus

25–28 February 2009

This farcical comedy highlights the sexual excesses of the middle classes in the 1960’s. It centres around Dr Arthur Wicksteed and his family. There are three main plots, all of which overlap and inter-relate. Arthur Wicksteed, trusted medical practitioner, is tempted by a young lady that walks into his surgery one afternoon. By chance she meets the Doctor’s hypochondriac son, Dennis, during her visit and learns that he is terminally ill with Brett’s Palsy. This is the answer to her dreams as the honourable Felicity Rumpers is with child out of wedlock, a heinous crime, even in those promiscuous times. Three months of marriage before Dennis deceases will give her respectability and a ‘legitimate’ father nine months later; but all is not as in seems in this hilarious comedy about love, sex and mopeds…

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