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Holy Matrimony!


3 June 2011

One unremarkable Saturday, Reverend Peck discovers that after thirty years as a member of the clergy, he’s still unsure what the ‘church calendar’ actually is and consequently finds himself officiating a wedding and playing the lead in a play on the same afternoon. With the mother-of-the bride, Lady Tallulah Spoonage demanding nothing but the best, and Sgt. Flatfoot suspicious as to the ‘unsuitable’ content of the play, Peck with the help of fellow clergyman Bob attempts to ensure that both events will go ahead as planned.

Double-entendre, door-slamming and disguise, ‘Holy Matrimony!’ is fast-paced, ridiculous and full of physical humour. All profits from this production go toward our Edinburgh shows and afterwards we’ll be auctioning-off the characters from the play, so don’t forget to bring some pennies to guarantee a drink with your favourite character!

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Show Materials

Holy Matrimony! poster

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