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The Laramie Project

Laramie Wyoming. October 7th, 1998. A gay university student is found tied to a fence in an isolated field, beaten and left for dead - purely because of his sexuality. Matthew Shepard’s abduction by two of the local boys created a media firestorm that spanned the globe, and inspired a generation to fight against intolerance.

The Laramie Project tells the story of the residents of this sleepy city in the American Midwest. In a town defined by an accident, a crime, it explores how it’s residents feel, their reactions, and perhaps most importantly, are they to be blamed?

Verbatim theatre, innovative story telling and multirolling like you’ve never seen it before, The Laramie Project is one of the most performed plays in America and considered by many to be one of the 10 best american plays of the 90’s.

Journalistic. Emotional. Frank. Unbiased. Astonishing.

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