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Playwright Unknown

12–15 February 2014

From the haphazard world of pantomime comes a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The star studded cast we had booked for this pantomime has in some way been incapacitated, so we’ve brought in a new cast at the last minute at great expense. They haven’t had much time to rehearse, none in fact, but they’re ready to perform any pantomime you give them, in any genre you see fit! So strap in for an evening of leg slapping, risque dames, “it’s behind you”s, “Oh no it isn’t”s and “Oh yes it is”s as this genre-bending, mind-boggling, factually-lacking, emotionally-draining, bonkingly-exciting, unpredictably-brilliant piece of improvised theatre will surely entertain all.

Show Materials

Bantermime poster