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Queen B

Dan is lost. Everything hasn’t quite turned out how he would have liked and he is afraid the most of his life has already passed him by. When he meets Amy, a completely unfiltered and free-spirited 19-year-old girl with a fractured family life, he finds a way to live again, rebelling against everything he holds dear. But how does a 40-year-old man go about meeting a 19-year-old girl? And can the repercussions from their first meeting ever really go away?

‘This company take their craft very seriously’ - Fringe Review, (NNT at Fringe, 2013)

A modern twisted new two-hander brought to you by the award winning Nottingham New theatre. Featuring Award winning NSDF 13 actress Laura Gallop, in an intimate and well renowned venue, Queen B is a must see at the Fringe this summer.

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