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Postgraduate NT Present: The Physicists

In the Les Cerisier sanatorium, run by the world famous psychiatrists, the twins Mathilde and Clothilde von Zahnd, a murder has just been committed. Nurse Irene Straub has been strangled by one of the patients, Ernst Heinrich Ernesti, who believes himself to be Einstein. A few months earlier another murder took place: nurse Dorothea Moser has been killed by another patient, Herbert Georg Beutler, who pretends to be Sir Isaac Newton. These two events will change forever the fate of Ernesti, Beutler and Johann Wilhelm Möbius, the third patient, who believes he is regularly visited by King Salomon. What these three characters have in common apart from their destiny? Before Les Cerisiers, they were brilliant physicists engaged in unveiling the secrets of nature.

Show Materials

Postgraduate NT Present: The Physicists poster