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Electric Nebraska

New York, 1979. A country still recovering from Vietnam and at the beginning of a change that will alter the fabric of an upstate New York town and its characters forever. The Lastowski family, Joe, Abigail and Jeannie have lived comfortably, Joe working at the town’s steel mill with his friends, Sam and Dianna, for fifteen years. But, after the three friends lose their jobs, and after a chance meeting with a stranger at a bar involving a racehorse destined to win, Joe and his family and friends’ lives will change course forever. Electric Nebraska explores the central ideas that are crucial to an understanding of American national identity amidst a 70s soundtrack, while capturing the rhythmic heartbeat of a working-class community. Can we do bad things and still end up good people? When we do take our shot, and, if we dive in the river… do we always manage to swim to the other side?

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