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The Importance of Being Earnest

Jack is a respected person in the countryside, where he lives. He has a younger brother, in London, who gets into the most dreadful scrapes. We cannot possibly say that Jack is earnest, but we are sure he has beautiful brown eyes.

Algernon is an aristocratic young bachelor who has nothing but looks everything. He is really worried about a friend of his with a terrible state of health, so he goes to visit him every time he can. We cannot say Algernon is earnest either, but he definetely has beautiful, beautiful hair.

We would really like to give you more details, unfortunately we are unable at the moment because we have to run to Shropshire to visit an invalid friend of ours. In any case, as the Postgraduate New Theatre we hope to see you in the audience. We are sick to death of cleverness, it will be refreshing to see some fools.

Show Materials

The Importance of Being Earnest poster