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Camp Macbeth

Devised by Crew

6–7 February 2017

From an eccentric director to a fierce love triangle and backstage crew looking for a laugh, Camp Macbeth brings new insight into drama summer camps. Being entirely devised and written by students, Camp Macbeth is a hilarious comedic take on all those stereotypes that you associate with drama camps. All proceeds from Camp Macbeth go to the 2016-17 Season Charity Hayward House.

  • This show contained one of the weirdest things I've ever hung from the rig. Those who saw the show will know what it was. Ben Woodford Ben Woodford
  • We had no budget at all; every piece of set or costume was either owned by a cast member, lent to us, or bought out of someone's pocket. Jack Ellis Jack Ellis
  • One rehearsal George didn't turn up. We rang him and he was in Mooch having finished his exams, so we told him what was happening and he came in. He then gave the best performance I've ever seen him give at the NNT, after which he staggered over to me and said "I'm six pints in" Callum Walker Callum Walker
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