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Escape for Dummies


21 June 2017

Dummy F’s routine consists of standing aloft a shop podium, pickpocketing customers and fruitlessly attempting to escape retail prison…

Until the day arrives when her dreary existence is toppled by the unboxing of Dummy M in the men’s section. He takes his position seriously and will not be distracted by such foolishness. But swift as a no nonsense check-out worker, an unspoken bond unique as the bar code attached to their clothes blossoms amidst the hustle and bustle of the shop, and together they hatch a plan to escape the drudgery of the store. Beyond the watchful gaze of bumbling security guards, maniacal watch dogs and a sinister floor manager, this is a story of two mannequins with love in their fiberglass hearts and freedom in their sculpted heads!

  • I have never in my life been sweatier than after this show finished. George and I went to the Trent showers afterwards and I was drier after I stepped out of the shower than when I stepped in. Jack Ellis Jack Ellis
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