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Jessica is convinced that she is different. She is always the centre of attention, and cares a lot about the impression she makes on the people around her. Her performance is an intense reflection on her desire to be watched and liked, but also her temptation to hide from the things that scare her. Jessica is daunted by the experiences that take her into adulthood, slowly realising what her weaknesses are. Abbie is Jessica’s childhood friend, who is understanding of her insecurities. She looks after Jessica as much as she can, but can’t always be there for her. In spite of this, Abbie promises that she will never stop watching over Jessica. Infectious is a playful and moving two-woman audience-interaction show that uses improvisation. It deals with the experiences that connect us all: the stresses of becoming an adult, the long-lasting bonds we form with our loved ones, and how it feels when those bonds are broken.

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