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Our Temple

During the early years of the Civil Rights Movement in America, the People’s Temple arose. With the charismatic Jim Jones as leader, the congregation grew due to his captivating rhetoric of equality and socialism at a time of great social unrest and segregation. Jim appeared to be an answer to their prayers and desires, yet the cult soon realised that the utopia they loved had a dystopian undercurrent waiting to explode. Based upon true events and inspired by archival materials including audio clips and footage, the play explores the rise and fall of the infamous Jim Jones and his cult. This is not a play about the ‘dangers of religion.’ Its purpose is to educate, remember and humanise the congregation at the People’s Temple, who joined the community as an attempt to escape from the hatred and social injustice they witnessed in a broken, modern America.

  • We were told to bring in some clothes that would fit the 70s setting as a costume. I turned up and was told what I was wearing would be perfect. Little did they know I had a bag full of ugly shirts and high waisted jeans with me. Apparently my natural fashion sense screams 'cult member in the 70s' Callum Walker Callum Walker
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