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Devised by Crew

18–19 May 2017

In the near future there aren’t many truly taboo questions left to ask in society. There is equality of race, gender, sex and age and whatever your religious, political or social views everyone has found a way to coexist peacefully. However, in a world where few topics are off limits what happens if you not only approach but try and successfully answer one of these questions.

Can you put a value on human life and, if so, are some people worth more than others?

When two mathematicians stumble upon the formula for calculating human potential, and people start to hear of their discovery, how will society react to the news? Through a series of snapshots of the lives of four characters before, during and after this discovery, Unscripted examines human nature to see what happens when a group is exposed to a constructed hierarchy based on the very essence of what it means to be human. Do people reject the artificial rankings in order to maintain peace or does greed and jealousy take over to threatened everything that is good with the world?

Potential is Unscripted’s second show at NNT, wherein a bunch of actors, writers and directors have come together to create a show without any initial story, script or budget.

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Show Materials

Potential poster

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