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Bost-Uni Plues

Playwright Unknown

17 June 2018

Everyone says that university is the best three years of your life! So what happens next? What happens when you still have questions, but everyone expects you to have all the answers?

Based on the true experiences and stories told by graduates, join three clowns as they leave the comfort of timetables, deadlines, and student life behind and enter the real world. A world full of expectation, proper jobs, and council tax.

Bost-Uni Plues is an explosion of energy, honesty, dance, movement, techno, and plain silliness that explores life after graduation. Because when you’re told that the best three years of your life are behind you, what else is left other than post-uni blues?

Show Materials

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    The Little One
    Grace Gallagher
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    The Bigger One
    Angelina Cliff
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    The Biggest One
    Carl Fowler

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