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Do I Wanna Know

‘Do I Wanna Know’ explores love and loss, and the ways in which people enter and permanently alter our lives. The play follows writer James and performer Evelyn as they meet, fall in love and build a partnership whilst facing struggle and tragedy. By examining the way in which audiences react and interact with the performance, we gain insight into the relationship between actor and character in order to break down our notion of theatre as a passive viewing experience. All of us have experienced, or will experience, loss at some point in our lives, and this play looks at the way in which this has an impact on every aspect of our life. Ultimately, this piece portrays a truthful relationship and an optimistic and life-affirming story - just not in the most obvious or conventional way.

  • Watching two people attempt to kiss during a rehearsal room has never been so hilariously awkward. I like to think we worked through that for the performances! Sam Osborne Sam Osborne
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