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One Man, Two Guvnors

12–15 December 2017

‘One Man Two Guvnors’ is the highly acclaimed modernisation of Carlo Goldoni’s original classic ‘The Servant of Two Masters’. Richard Bean’s uproarious farce, that has received stellar commendation on the West End and Broadway, follows the heart-warmingly disastrous character of Francis Henshall, who accidentally finds himself simultaneously employed by a local gangster and an eccentric upper-class murderer who share an unfortunately complicated past, landing Francis in the middle of a choreographed chaos of slapstick comedy and highly physicalised interactions, we also witness his constant crusade to conquer both his gastronomic and flirtatious desires. He encounters characters ranging in intellect and theatrical flair that both hinder and facilitate his efforts to keep both of his guvnors apart.

  • The dining sequence at the end of Act One involved what was probably for me some of the most quick changes as a stage manager I have ever had to deal with, and subsequently one of the messiest stages to clean up. The sequence, which involves several characters running on and off stage to grab several different dishes to serve to the "two guvnors" of the scene culminated in an explosion (achieved by the use of a hazer and sound cues) followed by two characters running out of the wings covered in whipped cream (having fallen victim to a burning crepes suzette). On the final night, we ran out of crepes, so the crepes suzette merely became a giant runny custard pie. No Headshot Tom Proffitt
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