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28 February–3 March 2018

“Who said smashing things up was a bad thing? It’s actually quite liberating.” Three strangers’ lives are on the edge of self-destruction. Anna hasn’t left her flat for two years, refuses to eat solid food and is tearing up her apartment piece by piece. Rebecca has spiralled into a cycle of rage, despair, sadness and anger she cannot control in the wake of ending a long-term relationship. Sam is discovering his new identity in a world of violence and discrimination, that is preventing him from becoming his true authentic self. When these three strangers come into contact with each other, their lives are changed forever. Passionate, complex, furious and funny, Swallow promises to be an emotional and visceral experience. One that explores the difficulties of surviving in the modern world, exposes us to the darkest corners of our minds, but reinforces the power we have to overcome even our darkest and most vulnerable moments.

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