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Timon/Titus by William Shakespeare

by Collectif OS'O
Translated by Ben Standish

6–9 December 2017

Timon of Athens. A play about money; how money influences people and if money really is the key to happiness… Titus Andronicus. A tragedy where family, race, gender, power, violence and revenge dominate. It’s his first tragedy. A play which depicts the destruction of a social order by the invasion of a new culture. So what’s all this got to do with global capitalism, debt, India, debt and Theresa May? Why are these plays relevant to us now? How on earth will eight hours of Shakespeare be neatly packaged in a two-and-a-bit hour performance? And if the audience don’t get what they’ve paid for, will the actors be left with a feeling of debt, of culpability, of guilt…? This is Shakespeare… but you wont recognise it.

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