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Glassy Ceiling, Concrete Flaw

Hannah and Lia believe they are best friends, kindred spirits brought together by time and a similar ambition. Aspiring writers, they are both fortunate enough to be offered jobs with the same newspaper, a move which will change both of their lives – though not necessarily for the better. Glassy Ceiling, Concrete Flaw explores the mechanics of human relationships inside the machine that is a modern office, questioning whether or not ambition demands a blind focus on the self, the extent to which kindness and perceived weakness are intertwined, and if ignorance really is the ultimate sin.

  • I put the wheely flats together in 2 stages - the "skateboards" I made in the workshop earlier in the day and then the uprights and sheet wood faces I attached during the get-in, rolling around on a little wooden wheel board like a car mechanic cackling. Jack Ellis Jack Ellis
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