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Hard Truths


26–31 January 2019

Never-seen-before… Never-to-be-seen again! UoN Improv Society present “Hard Truths” - a completely improvised one-act play.

For five nights at the University of Nottingham’s own Nottingham New Theatre, our fabulous improvisers will be performing ‘Hard Truths’ a show about finding the funny out of our real lives! The audience will be asked to suggest a question for our improvisers to answer honestly, and from there they’ll weave a fabulous narrative from all their confessions.

Each night will be a completely different story and experience - no scripts, no pre-planning; just 8 performers, and a stage. Expect absolute hilarity and gut-wrenching heartbreak in the same hour. Expect to laugh and cry at the same time! Anything can happen, so what are you waiting for?

Show Materials

Hard Truths poster