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Nothing To See Here


19 June 2019

“Someone had set a dinosaur loose in my city. And I wasn’t happy about it.”

Returning to the stage thirty years after its premiere, Phase 2 Theatre presents a stunning re-imagining of Clarissa Fortune’s award-winning thriller Nothing to See Here. Directed by Jerome Curtis, a “visionary” new voice in English theatre, Nothing to See Here stars Emily Ashford (Memento Mori) and Violet Burrows (Live, Laugh, Lose), as well as legendary Hollywood “creature creator” Jackson Ocelot (Bigfoot Blues, Midnight Mississippi, The Thing from Next Door).

Nothing to See Here follows Ray Roberts (Ashford) and Rachel Penderghast (Burrows) as they investigate the string of robberies plaguing their city and find themselves drawn into the increasingly strange events surrounding the opening of the new Doctor Nottingham Memorial Genetics Laboratory. A shocking, engaging and endearing show, which asks what we value more: our history, or our future?

As a member of the press, you are invited to an advance, matinee showing of the performance, as well as a brief Q&A with the show’s crew. Formal wear is appropriate.

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