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The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov
Adapted by Florence Bell

27–30 March 2019

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. Circa 1895.

‘She brings out a stuffed seagull in a glass dome. It looks very real and gruesome.’

Now by someone else entirely. (2019.)


Being an artist is perfect and life-fulfilling and all the other things. What more could you want? But artists don’t get to be successful - artists don’t get to be loved. Artists make art and then they die. That’s what all the greats did. They were whole and flawed and funny and sad, all at once. That’s what we’ve got to be.

This new adaptation of The Seagull retells the final act from the perspectives of multiple characters. Four plays in one, it asks what it means to write and be a writer. Sometimes 1895 feels like a long time ago. But that’s alright.

  • The way the theatre website displays synopses for shows was altered to be able to deal with the very niche use of URLs and italics in this show. Sam Osborne Sam Osborne
  • One of the sound effects was made by slamming an auditorium chair open. Jack Ellis Jack Ellis
  • In the matinee performance, Ciara and Olly added back a scene Florence had cut from the show and Hugo made the doctor Jewish. Callum Walker Callum Walker
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