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14–17 November 2018

Hench, 16, and Bobbie, 13, live home alone in Feltham, West London. Left to fend for themselves and to care for their dog Taliban, the two brothers spend their time playing PlayStation, streaming porn and watching the world go by. Occasionally their mum Maggie visits, usually with empty pockets and empty promises. Then Jenny shows up. Anna Jordan’s brutal, heart-breaking, yet often comedic play, Yen explores how two brothers forced to grow up alone in a violent and impoverished world experience affection for the first time. Tackling the relationship between nature and nurture, Jordan shocks audiences into questioning whether or not we have autonomy over the choices we make. Are we merely a product of our environment or do we always have free will?

  • The dress rehearsal for 'Yen' was quite the disaster. A broken box, a burst beer can and a flying fish-finger were just some of the highlights. Ellie Roberts Ellie Roberts
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