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The curtain rises on an Arcadian landscape, with the fairies tripping on to tell of their sorrow. Iolanthe had been banished by their Queen for marrying a mortal 25 years before. They persuade the Queen to summon Iolanthe and forgive her. On her arrival she reveals that she has a son who is half a fairy - his legs are mortal. Strephon, who now enters, tells his mother and his ‘aunts’ that he is anxious to marry Phyllis, a Ward of Chancery, but is prevented by the Lord Chancellor. The Fairy Queen promises Strephon any help he wishes. After Strephon and Phyllis sing of their love for each other the Peers enter with ‘Loudly Let the Trumpet Bray’. The Lord Chancellor still holds his consent to the marriage between Strephon and Phyllis. Strephon, in despair, consults his mother, but Phyllis (seeing him with a young woman) assumes he is being unfaithful. He calls to the Fairy Queen for help and Act I ends with her and the fairies telling the Peers that Strephon can go into Parliament and wreak havoc there. At the start of Act II, Private Willis, on guard at Westminster, meditates on the political scene. At a second meeting between Phyllis and Strephon, in which Strephon manages to explain his situation, the are reunited and ask Iolanthe to intercede for them with the Lord Chancellor. She does, although if she goe to him and is recognised, she will be condemned to death. Why? - well, we’d hate to spoil the story for you!

  • I only appeared in one production but clearly remember one member of the cast falling ill - it turned out she was suffering an appendicitis. No Headshot Sarah Payler
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