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We Should Get Out More Sketch Show

Playwright Unknown

Dates Unknown

In the beginning, the city of Nottingham was dark, barren, void and unfunny. Then, a group of six students came together and decided “We Should Get Out More”. Drawing upon their past experience and talents, which included numerous plays, musicals, radio productions and comedy revues, the team first hit the stage in February 1997. It was this comedy show, performed and broadcast from a packed union bar, which threw the first snowball of success that, unbeknown to us, was soon to become an avalanche.

‘We Should Get Out More’s popularity with a student audience resulted in the formation of an award-winning radio comedy programme, broadcast twice weekly throughout Nottingham. Since these early days, the show has gone from strength to strength, broadcasting popular weekly shows across Nottingham and supplementing these with regular productions in the university’s theatre. The entirely original material was judged by the BBC as “Best Student Entertainment Programme 1997”, and then, again, in 1998, “Best Student Entertainment Programme 1998”.

Following a 2-week tour around Nottingham, ‘We Should Get Out More’ hit Edinburgh. The show was a runaway success at the 1998 Edinburgh Festival, pulling in capacity crowds and also picking up an award from ‘The Scotsman’.

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