Our development priorities are highlighted using the milestones on the GitHub issue tracker. We used to publish a list here, but no longer do so.

The project started in April 2015 and has been incrementally improving since then.

  • April 2015 Project started, a prototype site was made live.
  • May 2015 Import and improvement of data from past data sources, including a wiki based history project.
  • June 2015 Implement alumni records.
  • September 2015 Officially launched the project, generate people pages from cast and crew lists.
  • October 2015 Implementation of SmugMug plugin, allowing images storage on the new site.
  • December 2015 Begin collecting alumni biographies, implement filters for shows by venue and season.
  • January 2016 Listing of plays and playwrights.
  • February 2016 Begin collecting alumni headshots.
  • July 2016 Begin collecting venue information.
  • September 2016 Begin collecting show anecdotes.
  • March 2017 Improvements to the history page, begin collecting show reviews, implement logic for show videos.

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