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Deus Vult

16–19 February 2011

In 1127 a young landlady’s thoughts of turning to prostitution for financial salvation are interrupted by the arrival of an old man who can only pay for his drink with a story. His tale takes them to the Holy Land 30 years previously, amidst the horror of the First Crusade, where the man and his friend were spared a hanging upon agreeing to cross into enemy territory and retrieve an artefact behind which an army could take Jerusalem. As the story unfolds the landlady is forced to examine her life and reflect upon her inadequacies as well as the need for redemption that she has only a swearing, thieving, whoring, boozing old outlaw to help her find. Deus Vult is not a historical play; it is a modern play about relatable people struggling with the timeless issues of fear, loyalty and morality. Above all it is about humanity’s never-ending struggle to seek a glimmer of light in a world of filth and emptiness.

Deus Vult promises to be a moving and powerful performance from a new piece of student-brewed writing.

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