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by Aristophanes
Translated by Alan Sommerstein

24–27 April 2013

The ancient world is gripped by a seemingly interminable war. With the men of Athens all serving in the forces, the women of the city can take no more. In secret, they meet with the enemy women and form a pact. The battle moves into the bedroom. No sex for the men - unless the women get peace. Lysistrata is the original battle of the sexes and its themes of feminism, power and politics are as relevant now as they were in ancient Greece.

Lakeside and The Nottingham New Theatre are thrilled to be working on a first collaborative theatre project, marrying the talents of the University’s student-run theatre company with a professional team including direction, design, stage management, education and marketing. This project has been funded by Cascade: a grants programme supported by donations from the University of Nottingham’s alumni and friends

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