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Doctor Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe
Adapted by Daniel McVey

28 November–1 December 2018

After years of supressed feelings and being told “boys don’t cry” Faustus is emotionally stunted. No more, he wants to feel again. He has tried various methods, but none have worked. So, when he finds a new book in his library, he can’t see the harm in trying. But unbeknownst to Faustus, chaos and evil have been carefully placed between the pages and a tempest of devils have set their sights on his soul. And in the midst of this madness where is God? Why will they not save Faustus? Only one thing is for sure, damnation awaits you, Faustus. In this abstract adaptation, Marlowe’s classic play is deconstructed and reassembled with scenes from other versions of the tale.

  • I got grief every day for how little of that sodding jigsaw I finished over the course of the show, despite a) not being able to see what it was supposed to be and b) the fact that when completed it would have been bigger than the table I had to work with. Jack Ellis Jack Ellis
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