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Afterlife: An Improvised Spectre-cle


4–7 February 2020

Never seen before… never to be seen again! UoN Improv Society presents ‘Afterlife: An Improvised Spectre-cle’.

When a member of the improv troupe is sacrificed for the “greater good” of the group they might have some unfinished business. Fortunately for them, they are now a poltergeist, the audience is an afterlife full of suggestions and the other performers are fair game. Come and be part of the great beyond, help influence the direction of the fully improvised story of the lives of the troupe after that fateful night.

No scripts, no pre-planning, just a handful of performers and a stage. Anything can happen, so what are you waiting for?

Show Materials

Afterlife: An Improvised Spectre-cle poster