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Edward II

by Christopher Marlowe
Adapted by Ellen Schaffert

10–13 December 2019

‘Why should you love him whom the world hates so?’ ‘Because he loves me more than all the world.’

Newly crowned as king of England after his father’s death, Edward II finds himself thrust into a harsh world of politics and war in which people look to him for guidance. Sensitive and unfit for the role, he soon realises one great boon to his situation: he now has the power to repeal the exile of his lover, Piers Gaveston, and return him to his side. An emotionally fuelled tale of love, longing and despair, Edward II is a play that explores how people under immense pressure can become the most extreme versions of themselves. This new interpretation of Marlowe’s classic play places the events in a neon, dream-like world inspired by 80’s night life.

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